Dir: Miquel Romans. Spain, 2022.

World Premiere.

54 min. VOE.

Documentary on the project by the artist Ignasi Aballí for the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2022. “Corrección” is a project curated by Bea Espejo, a great connoisseur of the artist’s work. In “Correction”, Aballí works on the foundational elements of architecture: the line and the limit. It is a project that seeks to shift the Spanish Pavilion off its axis and correcting it because of the building not being aligned to the neighboring pavilions of Holland and Belgium.

The artist came across this apparent error while studying the plans of the pavilion. His proposal attempts to resolve this dilemma by correcting the Pavilion itself and so its location in the Biennale and its relationship with the city, in a metaphor that invites us to look ahead and plan new path