Dir: Alice Rohrwacher, JR. Italy, France, 2020.

Premiere in Barcelona.

9 min. VOSE.

A film action to prevent the disappearance of an ancient culture directed by the director Alice Rohrwacher and the French artist JR. A farming community gathers on a plateau on the border between three Italian regions to celebrate the funeral of peasant agriculture. It is the destruction of the agricultural landscape in the face of the proliferation of intensive monocultures that cover entire regions. The short film “Omelia Contadina” was premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival (2020) and a procession was organised along the canals of Venice, with 14 boats following one of the figures to the basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore. The project was also the subject of an exhibition at the Galleria Continua in San Gimignano. On the day of the inauguration, a procession was organised through the streets of the medieval town, with local farmers.